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The AGE Pill

The AGE Pill from Sisel International builds upon a major scientific breakthrough by UNSW researchers. The NASA funded research was conducted to assist in protecting the astronauts from cellular damage while on their mission to Mars. Researchers identified that a compound called NAD+, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ( which is naturally present in all the cells of our body), has a key role in protecting our bodies from cellular damage. The NAD+ is instrumental in controlling and repairing DNA damage and helping the STEM cells repair the body.

UNSW researchers showed that the NAD+ pre-cursor NMN, not only repaired radiation damage to the DNA in mice, but it also reversed the biological markers of aging in those mice. It has been shown that the younger mice have more NAD+ than the older mice and the researchers showed that when they boosted the NAD+ levels in older mice, they became biologically identical to the younger mice. Treating the mice with a NAD+ precursor NMN, also improved the cell's ability to transform DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or old age and also boosted stem cell regeneration to levels observed in the younger mice.


What makes us different and better?

World-Class Production

Tom knew from previous experience that in order to really be different you have to develop your own formulas, and you have to own your own manufacturing processes to control quality. So he invested more than $100 million USD to build a massive, world class manufacturing facility. The 400,000 square foot building is the size of nearly 7 football fields, and houses top-of-the-line technology and machinery. In fact, our facility is so superior, many of our competitors ask us to build their products. We help, but Tom always saves the best for Sisel. And that’s what we have to offer: only the best. This is our plant, with our team and our ingredients. When we guarantee the best, you’re getting the best. Not someone else’s formulas, not someone else’s products; It’s 100% Sisel and it’s 100% Sisel Safe

Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Supporting his team of research scientists with the most advanced technology in modern science was a critical step in Tom’s quest for product perfection. Some of the most highly advanced scientific instrumentation in the world was carefully brought in and strategically situated in a beautiful, state-of-the-art Research & Development Lab. Here our scientists build powerful, unique products based on real scientific research. Which is why we say, “Trust the science, trust Sisel.” Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. Last updated 2018. We are a successful team with the tools and resources to enable you to enjoy better health, happiness and wealth. For further information or help please contact the person that shared this page with you.

Tom Mower Sr

How does THE AGE Pill work? Tom Mower Co Founder and Chief Sisel Scientist explains how and why the AGE Pill works.
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What is the KEY

Aging Is NOT a Disease.

Aging is a condition due to decay and degereration, therefore reversible. Contact us to get the best anti aging products that medical sciences have discovered. Anti-aging is here!

The AGE Pill Supernutrients

Stem cells are the master cells in our body that are able to transform every other cell and energize our biological systems. The ingredients in the AGE Pill supercharge this process.

Why Should I double dose?

Tom Mower (AGE Pill Creator) recommends you double up. Tom says that if you double the dosage you can have support for incredible regeneration. Click play to listen.


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